Our Management and Teams

Our Management and Teams

Dr. Bo Xu

He is a research professor at CASIA and also serves as President of CASIA.

Dr. Dajun Zeng

He is a research professor at CASIA and also serves as Vice President of CASIA.

Dr. Zhaoxiang Zhang

He is a research professor at CASIA.

Dr. Hongbin Liu

He is a research professor at CASIA.

Researchers are displayed following alphabetical order of surnames

  • Strong AI
  • Medical Robotics
  • Biomimic Robotics
  • Intelligence Platform

Dr. Junsong Fan

His research interests include computer vision and machine learning, visual scene understanding, label-free learning with self-/weakly-/unsupervised methods, and visual perception in open worlds.

Dr. Chenyang Lei

His research interests include the computational photography, low-level computer vision, video processing and polarization-based vision.

Dr. Zhen Lei

His research interests include Object Analysis and Scene Understanding, Biometrics, Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence.

Dr. Gaofeng Meng

His research interests include Image Processing and Computer Vision, Machine Learning and its application, Autonomous Evolution of Intelligence and Brain-inspired Learning.

Dr. Yuxi Wang

His research interests include transfer learning, domain adaptation and semantic segmentation. He has published many papers in international journals and conferences, including IEEE TIP, CVPR, ICCV, and ACM MM.

Dr. Youzhi Zhang

His research interests include artificial intelligence, multi-agent systems, computational game theory, multi-agent reinforcement learning, and optimization. He focuses on equilibrium computation in game theory and its application.

Dr. Zhaoxiang Zhang

Recently, He specifically focuses on deep learning models, biologically-inspired visual computing and human-like learning, and its applications on human analysis and scene understanding.

Dr. Jian Hu

His research focuses on haptic sensing and perception for medical robotic systems. He has developed novel optical tactile sensing technologies in collaboration with industry partners, making it possible to realize multi-dimensional force sensing for 3D surfaces.

Dr. Wei Huang

His main research area are composite hardware system and embedded full-stack software system design, He has more than 10 years of experience in electronics system design.

Mr. Xilong Hou

his research interests focus on surgical robot system Design and development, Product conversion and realization. he has nearly 10 years of program experience on surgical robots and more than 80 patents applying.

Dr. Hongbin Liu

Before joined CAIR and CASIA, he was Reader in Medical Robotics at the King's College London. His main research interests include precision tactile sensing technology for minimally invasive surgery, soft robot system for human natural cavity and tactile visual perception fusion and interactive control technology.

Dr. Shuangyi Wang

His main research interests focus on medical robot design and robot-assisted surgery, providing new solutions for healthcare workers to stay away from high-risk environments and connecting primary clinics with center hospitals.

Dr. Zhiying Wu

Her research focuses on event-triggered control and its applications to medical robots, complex system modeling, and intelligent control.

Dr. GuoKai Zhang

His research focuses on design, modelling and control of flexible surgical robot.

Prof. Zhongkai Zhang

His research interests include computer graphics, robotics, AI, and their applications to healthcare. Email: zhongkai.zhang@cair-cas.org.hk

Dr. Qingxiang Zhao

His research focuses on continuum robot design, proprioception, modelling and control, enabling dexterous motion in unstructured environments with shape estimation.

Dr. Lihao Jia

His research interests include bionic and evolutionary robotics, autonomous intelligent robot technology and its application.

Dr. Peng Wang

His research interests include robot human dexterous operation, robot autonomous flexible operation, brain-inspired neural mimicry robot.

Dr. Chi Zhang

His main research interests include biometric recognition, computational imaging, biologically inspired visual perception and understanding, etc

Dr. Zhen Chen

His research interests include multimodal learning, computer-aided diagnosis, image and video processing, and their applications to intelligent healthcare.

Dr. Jie Hao

His research interests include Realistic Intelligent Computing, Bionic Neural Model, Processor Design, High Performance Computing Architecture Design.

Dr. Jinqiao Wang

His research interests include pattern recognition and machine learning, image and video processing, mobile multimedia, and intelligent video surveillance.

Dr. Xuyao Zhang

His research interests include Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Character Recognition.

Dr. Jun Xu

Ms. Shuangshuang Yan