Open AI Platform

Open AI Platform

Building an open source platform by integrating the state-of-art technologies developed by CAIR.

Combined with high performance computing with large data resources.

Developing hardware systems to effectively improve the training speed and operating efficiency.

The platform can support high-level programming language, unified programming framework and software interface both on the terminal server and in the cloud.

CAIR aims to construct an open AI platform in HK. Linked with the platform architecture initiated in CASIA, CAIR plans to build a national intelligent computing platform.

  • Build a super computing AI platform, named Platform V1.0
  • Released two big pre-training model on Platform V1.0, “紫东太初” and “GAIA”

  • Breakthrough in large-scale reinforcement learning model training technology
  • Build a distributed evolution framework to reduce code coupling
  • Application verification in seven types of typical game scenarios