Multimodal AI Large Model

Multimodal AI Large Model

Developing International Leading Multimodal AI Large Model Technologies and Establishing an Embodied AI Robotic Operating System in the Surgical Field.

Developing a cutting-edge Multimodal AI Large Model, achieving multimodal alignment , and realizing unified handling of multiple tasks

Developing a Multimodal AI Large Model in the surgical field, significantly enhancing the aspects of junior surgeon training, surgical supervision, and surgical services

Establishing an embodied AI robotic operating system in the surgical field, through integrating the Multimodal AI Large Model and cutting-edge robotic technology developed by CAIR.

CAIR have developed an AI large model for surgery and interventions, named CARES Copilot.

  • A trustworthy and explainable surgical large model for surgery and interventions
  • Aims to improve safety and efficiency of operations
  • Has been tested in various hospitals in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area
  • Officially launched to global users at Huawei CONNECT Conference 2023

CAIR has made significant contributions to the development of Zidong Taichu, a well-known AI large model in China.

  • Multi-modal understanding and generation. 
  • Enhanced cognitive, comprehension and creative abilities.
  • Won the first prize in the competitions at ACM MM2021 and ICCV 2021.
  • Won the SAIL (“Superior AI Leader”) award at WAIC 2022.