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活动日期: 2023年11月29日

Below are the speakers' details: 

Dr.  Shing Shin CHENG (Bernard)

Assistant Professor in Dept. of Mechanical and Automation Engineering, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Talk title: Towards image guidance and autonomy in robotic neurosurgical and percutaneous procedures

Abstract: Robotic surgery has been utilized in the clinical practice for more than two decades. However, most robotic systems feature rigid end effectors with relatively large diameter, are not compatible with advanced imaging modalities, and are entirely human operated. While continuum surgical robots have been under research for decades, there are still many challenges in terms of miniaturization, modeling, and intelligent control. The medical imaging modalities that would provide the intraoperative guidance would also influence development of the surgical robots, including selecting and designing compatible actuators and sensors. In this talk, our recent work in a hybrid continuum robot, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-compatible  spine  robot, and an ultrasound-guided percutaneous robot will be presented. Various fundamental enabling technologies from mechanics model to image-based instrument tracking, will also be discussed. These research studies aim at allowing accelerated adoption of image-guided robotic surgery and ultimately better patient outcome.