Current Vacancies

Current Vacancies


  • Conduct cutting-edge research in multimodal intelligent diagnosis and multimodal pre-training technologies.
  • Responsible for research in multimodal intelligence and related downstream tasks, provide solutions and performance optimization in combination with application scenarios.
  • Organize the implementation, code review and acceptance of projects.
  • Participate in academic activities in the field, apply for national/local scientific research projects, publish translational scientific research achievements.


  • Ph.D. in computer science, pattern recognition, electronic information,software or related fields.
  • Proficient with pattern recognition, computer vision, artificial intelligence or cognitive science, and more than 2 years of research in deep learning.
  • Strong research ability, able to carry out innovative design and implementation of algorithm research, have a deep understanding of multimodal intelligence algorithm.
  • Solid knowledge and experience with at least one major deep learning framework (e.g. PyTorch,MindSpore Tensorflow) and familiar with  at least one programing language(e.g. C/C++, Python).
  • Ability to analyze and solve problems independently excellent interpersonal and collaboration skills, dare to break through and innovate in work, have good psychological quality and ability to work under pressure.


  • Competitive salary to local universities (negotiable case by case)


王金桥 中国科学院自动化研究所模式识别国家重点实验室 研究员,博士生导师,紫东太初多模态中心常务副主任,中国科学院大学人工智能学院岗位教授,中科院人工智能创新研究院“2035团队”跨模态通用人工智能平台负责人。现任多模态人工智能产业联盟秘书长,中国技术创业协会技术创新工作委员会副理事长,获北京市高聚领军人才、广州市创新团队领军人才、山东省泰山领军人才等称号,主要从事多模态大模型、视频分析与检索、大规模目标识别等方面的研究。共发表包括IEEE T-PAMI、TIP、TNNLS、ICCV、CVPR、NeurIPS、ECCV等国际权威和顶级会议论文300余篇,国际杂志50余篇,国际会议220余篇。完成国家标准提案3项,发明专利36项,10项国际视觉算法竞赛冠军,吴文俊人工智能科技进步二等奖,中国发明创新银奖。曾携自主研发的人工智能机器人在CCTV1、CCTV2、CCTV3、北京卫视和湖南卫视等做技术展示。